10th September 2012

Here’s a piece  I wrote for The Evening Standard in response to this article


After a summer where strong, determined, heroic women became a daily fixture in the news, it’s depressing to be reminded what a rarity ambitious women in public life remain.

We may make up over half of the UK population yet female MPs still take up just a fifth of Commons seats. This results in issues that a more balanced chamber could deal with swiftly and pragmatically, like abortion, becoming divisive fissures of hysteria and obfuscation while important social problems like domestic violence and sexual assault conviction rates become marginalised to the ghettos of “women’s issues”

Stella’s battle against legal loan sharks won’t just help her female constituents, but the country as a whole whatever their gender.

It’s disappointing that such a talented young MP like Stella is lumbered with that tedious cul de sac of a question– can women really have it all? “Having it all” being a rewarding career and a happy home life, a life option most men have been taking for granted for generations.

She’s also asked for her thoughts on Louise Mensch- a politician she has absolutely nothing in common with beyond reproductive parts.  By the end of the piece we know that Stella gets wolf whistled, wants children and would be fun to go for a pint with but not sadly her thoughts on the budget deficit. Would Chuka Ummunna be subjected to such frivolousness?

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