Hi there,

I’m happy to announce my next FIVE week comedy writing workshop starts Saturday March 31st 1-3pm

It is a two hour long intensive comedy writing workshop that runs over FIVE SATURDAYS – March 31st, April 7th,  14th, 21st and 28th  in Kentish Town, North London.

The course is in two parts; the first part is the two hour sessions – This is where we look at joke structure, play word play games and brain storm ideas.
How can I write jokes using wordplay? How can I use images?
Can I come up with something funny using exaggeration?
 We also cover topical joke writing. How can I come up with a page of jokes on a news story in a few hours?
How can I write jokes when I’m not feeling funny? How can I ignore writers block?
How can I turn a funny idea into an actual joke or routine?
It’s about trying new things, being creative, silly and pushing your brain in new directions.
 There is no pressure to be “good” or even “funny” just to try something new!
How can I access the creative part of my brain on a regular basis?
The second part of the course is the daily email writing challenge. Every day you will be emailed a topic or writing exercise. If you put aside 15 mins every day to do this, by the end of the course, you will be amazed at the amount of new material you will have generated.
The course will be mainly looking at joke structure; how to approach writing topical jokes, stand up and generating new ideas.
A quick bio about me; I’ve been performing stand up for 10 years and in 2013 I was awarded the Radio 4 comedy writer’s bursary. I’ve appeared on Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy show on Comedy Central, The Now Show, Front Row, Women’s Hour and An Idiots Guide. I’ve written on The Last Leg, 8 Out of 10 Cats, News Quiz, The Now Show, Dilemma, The New Comedy Awards, Ayres on Air, Dead Ringers, Newsjack and Channel Four’s “Alternative Election Night”.  The episode of  Newsjack that I script edited won the Rose D’Or.
The course fee is £150. £50 deposit and £100 paid on the first class.
Places are strictly limited  to 10 people per class due to the workshop nature of the course!
Please email me on maguiregrainne@gmail.com to reserve your place or for more info.
Here are some nice things people who have taken the course have said:
“Grainne’s course was excellent. She offers smart, simple, but also really effective tools to improve your existing skills, or give you new ones for when you’re staring at a blank page. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Heartily recommend it, and so affordable”
Felicity Ward
“I came away from the course with a much better understanding of how to create jokes for standup, and with very useful techniques for doing so”
 John Dredge
“Grainne Maguire’s writing workshops are among the most useful 8 hours of professional development (gross phrase, but suck it up comics!) I have ever attended.  It is a testament to their accessibility and usefulness that the workshops were attended by everyone from wet behind the ears open miccers to award-winning festival stalwarts.  As someone who finds the discipline of writing very taxing, Grainne provided a whole range of tactics, methods, exercises and disciplines for opening up material and getting your brain working in a creative manner more naturally, so you’re no longer afraid of that blank white page.  She is a warm and encouraging teacher, creating a supportive environment to extend and push your comedic abilities.  Along with the homework and the copious notes you receive, this is an excellent way to improve your comic skills or polish what you already have.”
Ben Van der Velde
“The whole course was very friendly and welcoming, even to a non-performer like me. Each week focuses on a separate style of joke or concept, supported by simple but effective exercises to stimulate the brain. Coupled with a homework subject every night, by the end of the four weeks, one should have the basis for at least 30 new jokes.  I have and will continue to recommend this course to anyone looking to start joke writing or the opportunity to add to their existing material”
Neal Peters
“Grainne is a lovely tutor. She is super-friendly, fun and supportive. She helps to de-mystify the dark arts and provides templates and frameworks to break the writing process down into manageable chunks. Recommend 100%”
Paul Twiney
“Grainne workshops attract a great mix of new comic writers to season pro’s looking to improve their skills. She teaches in a very friendly and enjoyable manner. I learnt a lot from her course but most importantly I had a great time doing so.”
Steven Scott
“Grainne offers practical writing exercises that still regularly use after her classes.” Max Dickins
“Grainne was a fantastic teacher, she was generous with her time and her insight.I took this course to shake off a writers block bit instead I learned so much more.
I’m a better writer thanks to this course. I learned via Skype at a time that was convenient to me. I still look at the notes when motivating myself to write.
Five stars”
Alison Spittle
“I found Grainne’s class very helpful as I had been caught in the rut of repeating old material rather than risking new ideas. The class inspired me to write everyday without worrying that everything produced had to be stage-ready. The specific techniques have allowed me to step away from the material and think technically about how my writing can be improved and/ or moved in a fresh direction. Working with a small group of other like-minded performers is a huge help too”
David Bibby